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Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

The most important element of the acoustic instruments is the tone produced by it. The tone merely depends upon the string and the material they are made from. The transformation of the material causes the tone to change. Light and medium gauge guitar strings are considered the best and are often recommended by many musicians.

  1. Martin M540 92/8 Bronze light

Martin is relatively famous for the guitars rather than its strings however; it has been making its own strings since 1970. The strings are made from phosphorous bronze thus giving a warm tone and smooth highs. The most unique element of martin strings is how they are affordable and provide the best kind of strings available in the market. They are really consistent and light making it easy for the individual to get accustomed to it and thus producing tones with significant ease.

  1. Martin MSP3200 SP 80/20 Bronze Medium

This martin stings have received quite popularity in the musical instrument industry and thus have earned their place. The strings fall in an affordable range and with its alloy material they have excellent performance. As compared to the phosphorous bronze, these strings tend to be shinier and a better finish thus being used quite frequently. Using it with an average dreadnought guitar, the string is able to create twangy tones. The tones are not highly balanced and need to be carefully managed by the guitarist in order to prevent the music to be disrupted and be broken.

  1. Martin M130 Silk and Steel

These strings belong to the extra light category and are not extremely common as compared to the bronze and alloy strings. They are often used as a middle ground between nylon strings and a regular acoustic guitar strings. Their constriction provides them with a warm and rich tone, thus making them easier to be played. Being an extremely light string, the string does not require force or extra push to produce the desired tone. The slight push of the string is sufficient for the production of the tone and thus the string form is perfect for the finger style and folk music. The strings however do not have as much volume as present in the standard bronze strings.

Selection of the strings adequately allows the significant difference to be created in terms of the tone being produced. The strings available are relatively cheaper and produce the required tone, thus enhancing the guitar playing of the individual.